• Oriental Beauty Oolong
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Oriental Beauty Oolong

Also known as "Champagne Oolong", this is famed tea was described as an Oriental Beauty by HRM Queen Elizabeth II.

A Taiwanese specialty, once upon a time 15KG of this tea was equivalent to the cost of of a house in Taiwan.

The rarity of this tea lies in the how it is grown. Small green insects bite the tea leaves while they are still growing on the plant, this causes the leaves to turn yellow, an enzyme reaction that cause the leaves to become 'sweeter'. Due to this the leaves must be hand-picked, and obviously, the tea must be grown organically without the use of pesticides.

Know for its sweet, fruity and honey-baked aroma and flavour. The bouquet is light and feminine, smooth and a perfect balance of fermentation.

The leaves are dark and and curled, with the inclusion of some silver tipped buds.

A perfect choice in the morning or afternoon, enjoyed for its delicious balance and complex palate.

A great cup for connoiseurs and those new fine teas.

This tea is perfect brewed in the "gong-fu" way, offering over 5 re-infusions.

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