• Organic GABA Oolong
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Organic GABA Oolong

Named for it high level of GABA, (a natuarlly occurring human enzyme) which acts as a calming and relaxing nutrient. The processing involves fermentation (oxidisation) as well as exposure to a nitrogen-rich environment. Benefits of GABA include reducing blood pressure, mental alertness, stress and anxiety relief, liver health and weight management.

The flavours of this miraculous tea though are wonderfully deep and fruity, with complex Japanese plum notes and hints of cinamon. reminiscent for lovers of Oriental Beauty and Darjeeling teas. A thoroughtly enjoyable and healthy tonic for everyday, any time of day.

Origin: Taiwan.

Brewing suggestion: 1-2 tsps per cup, add slightly cooled boiling water (95 degrees) and allow to infuse for 2-3 mins. Subsequent infusionis recommended.

Weight: 60gram

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