• Vintage Pu - Erh (Cooked/Ripe)
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Vintage Pu - Erh (Cooked/Ripe)

This distinctive tea from Yunnan, China is harvested from old trees (over 100 years).

Our loose leaf is aged 6 years, for a lovely, rich vintage flavour.

One of the popular teas of China, Pu-Erh is gaining worldwide recognition for its numerous health benefits.

Proven to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, Pu-Erh also breaks down fatty acids so is  a wonderful liver tonic - perfect after a heavy meal or a heavy night out!

A great tea to sip all day long, due to its' low caffeine content.

This brew is dark brown with a rustic earthy flavour.

Compared to the Raw (Sheng) Pu-Erh, the cooked variety is earthy, dark and rich.

The perfect tea to accompany a busy and stressful lifestyle.

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