• Shui Xian Narcissus Oolong
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Shui Xian Narcissus Oolong

Shui Xian, also called "Water Sprite Oolong" is a very popular variety of Yan Cha (Rock Tea) from the Wuyi Mountains, China. This is one of the more famous teas from the Wuyi, and exhibits an earthy "rocky" quality.

This is a dark oxidised oolong with heavy roasting and charcoal fired, which imbues the tea with a deep, smoky aroma.

The tea produces an amber coloured infusion with floral and peach notes and a lingering sweetness that is balanced by caramelised undertones. Be sure to enjoy multiple infusions each steep revealing surprising new flavours.

Origin: Fujian, China.

Infusion: Use tsp (3g) per cup. We recommend "washing" the tea eaves with freshly boiling water. This wash is immediately poured out and can be used to warm your tea cups. Infuse with freshly boiled water for 3 mins. Subsequent infusions recommended.

Weight: 50gram

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