• Jin Jun Mei
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Jin Jun Mei

This rare tea is a premium non pareil grade (without peer). Jin Jun Mei black tea is made of delicate and golden tea bud tips which are picked before Tomb-sweeping Day from a rare and primitive species of wild tea which is grown on the mountains in the National Natural Conservative Area of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. A skilled female worker can only pick about 2000 pieces of tea bud tips per day to produce 500 grams of Jin Jun Mei.

This delightful fragrant and complex tea exibits tight, slender and gold-yellow black tea leaves. The palette has mixed aromas of
fruit, flower and honey. Jin Jun Mei is a top-level treasure, prized for flavour, skill and rarity.

Infusion: Use 1 tsp(3-4g) per cup in your glass or clay teaport, pour over with slightly cooled boiling water (90-95 C) and allow to
infuse for 2.5-3mins to fully enjoy this tea's special aroma and flavour.

Weight: 50gram

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