About Us

At Zensation Tea House, our aim is to provide a unique and authentic Oriental tea experience that appeals to all the senses – picture a traditional tea house in 1920’s Shanghai, replete with the aroma of sandalwood and soothing music playing on vinyl in the background.

Our Tea House is a sanctuary and escape from the pace of everyday urban living - a place where time and routine melt away, and where tradition and serenity take precedence.

Our interest in the rich history of tea has lead us to a genuine desire to spread an appreciation of this beverage; discovered by an Emperor and previously the domain of Royalty and the social elite, it is now truly an everyman’s libation, and yet a cup of quality and perfectly brewed tea is nothing short of elegance and luxury defined, capable of transporting you and easing the worries of the day.

Whether in a moment of peaceful reverie or in the pleasure of company, we really do hope you agree with us, that tea is the perfect beverage to accompany a well-balanced mind and long life.

We hope to hear from you or see you at the tea house soon.

Christina & Raymond Leung